Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Houston Quilt Market Fall 2016 Recap | Part 3: Free Spirit Fabrics

Part III of our wonderful trip to Houston starts right now! This time around we'd like to take you through our gallery of pictures from the Free Spirit booths that are always so vibrant and full of color. It's hard to miss!

Enjoy, friends!

Modernist by Joel Dewberry

 Winter Walk by Denyse Schmidt

Tabby Road by Tula Pink

Loominous II by Anna Maria Horner

The great news about this collection is that it is already in stock and available for purchase! Hooray! Anna Maria Horner's new Yarn-Dyed Loominous II collection explores beauty in form and color by employing several different methods of weaving with richly dyed cotton threads to achieve some joyously traditional and some entirely inventive designs. Check out all these beautiful new prints now!


Criss Cross Dusk 
Treasure Lipstick 
Plenty Pine 
Dotted Line Coral 
Plenty Wave 
Checkered Past Lantern 
Chemistry Licorice

Come back tomorrow for another update on Fabricworm's Quilt Market adventurers!

- The Fabricworm Team


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