Houston Quilt Market Fall 2016 Recap | Part I: Japanese Fabrics

As many of you know, this year's Fall Quilt Market was held in beautiful Houston, TX! Funny enough, the weather was even better there than in California this weekend, so we were mighty happy to escape for a weekend of quilty fun!

We saw lots of great new fabrics and can't wait to show you some glimpses of fabrics that are coming to Fabricworm very soon!  Without further adieu...

Fabrics from Nani Iro:

Fabrics from Echino:

Other Miscellaneous Japanese Fabrics:

Come back tomorrow for another update on Fabricworm's Quilt Market adventurers!

- The Fabricworm Team


Ecochic said…
That constellations fabric is amazing! Who is it by? Where/When can I get my hands on some?
Unknown said…

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