Sunday, May 2, 2021

Sunday Funday Sale Saves 15% Off Yarn Dyed Fabrics | New Fabricworm Custom Bundles


For 2 Days Save 15% Off All Yarn Dyed Fabrics at Fabricworm!
Prices Expire Tuesday, May 4th at 11pm PST.

Fabricworm Chroma & Custom Bundles

Fabricworm Custom Assorted Precut Chroma Bundles have limited quantities. Fabrics are subject to change due to availability but will match assortment in images shown at time of order. New fabrics will rotate in as supply of colors change.
Our custom made bundles give you the fabrics to make or begin a modern quilt without hassle. These new bundles were a joy to make on this beautiful Sunday Funday.
Bundles Badland Bedtime & Dolly Dalmatian
Bundle Desert Days
Bundle Stronger Bright
Bundles Floral Stitching, Mischievous Mutts, Stronger Blush, & Face In The Crowd

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