Baby Capsule Wardrobe & Capsule Boxes

What is a capsule wardrobe?

Simply, capsule wardrobes are created by taking a few pieces of clothing which play together in a fun mix-n-match way. We met up with Fabricworm Maker Morgann Clark who makes and sells baby capsules using Birch Organic and similar high quality stretch fabrics.

Baby Capsule Wardrobe Planning Ideas:

  •     Bodysuits
  •     Tops/ dresses
  •     Leggings/ joggers
  •     Shorts/ bloomers
  •     Sweaters
  •     Outerwear
  •     Socks
  •     Bibs/ burp clothes
  •     Cloth diapers
  •     Even make mom nursing pads!

What are our Fabricworm capsule boxes about?

In an effort to home our end of bolt organic knit cuts and even some slightly damaged (if any knit fabrics are damaged we will mark and show it in the inset photos.) These Capsule Boxes are a great way to pre-coordinate the fabrics for making baby and toddler clothing sets. These boxed listings are stuffed full and may contain more than the listed below, but no less than:

Mostly Birch Organic Interlock Knits with - 3 yards total of larger cuts for the bold/ main fabric design. - 3 yards total of solid cuts to coordinate or offset the main fabric. - 1-2 yards total of ribbed solid cuts or low volume coordinate prints for cuffs, bands, or accents.

Capsule Boxes will ship alone in a Large Priority USPS box for a discounted rate of $6.95. All items in the first 3 listing images are included. New fabrics will be rotated in as supply of colors change.

*If you checkout with additional items in your shopping cart they will be shipped separately. Prices are low for take-all.