Monday, May 18, 2020

Traditional & Novelty Japanese Import Fabrics

New Japanese Fabrics
Create eye-catching quilts, home decor items, and more with our wide selection of cotton fabrics and linen blend imported from Japanese. These fabrics will definitely offer you an unforgettable experience as you figure out unique ways to make marvelous creations. Enjoy the eccentric style of our newest Japanese fabric from Fabricworm today!

Traditional Style Japanese Fabrics

With colors of indigo, red, and cream these traditional style of Japanese fabrics are highly sought after for their geometric and floral prints. These cotton fabrics are great for quilting, apparel, small projects, or even light home decor.

Japanese Yarn Dyed Jacquard Sakurasou

A yarn dyed jacquard is woven using different color yarns in both the warp and the weft. The yarns then create the beautiful flower pattern and give the fabric a reversible look.

Newly Restocked Fabrics

Find all your newly restocked fabric favorites from best selling collections to hot blenders and basics now in one place on our website. We brought back Sun Print 2020 and Stitched batiks from Alison Glass this week. Come back often to see what's new, again.
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