Friday, March 20, 2020

Fabric Face Mask Sewing Pattern

 You can print out the template here. Or use the guide below to make one from a piece of cardboard. (Think discarded cereal box or shipping envelope!) The Fabric Face Mask is a free pattern and tutorial intended for personal or home use.

 Cutting List:

8" x 7.25" woven fabric rectangle - x2.
18" x 1.25" fabric strips* - x4 -OR- 9.5" of 1/8" elastic - x2

When making the ties, you may elect to sew together pieces of fabric to make up 72" in length to make your binding style ties, then cut them down to 18" each instead of preparing 4 individual ties. 


Mark the short sides of both rectangles at 1.25", 2.25", 3.25", 4.25" and 6.25".

Connect the lines to form pleats. Press, baste.

Prepare you fabric ties (optional, if using elastic, move on to the next step)

You may elect sew 2-3 strips of fabric together, prepare your ties with the steps below,  and cut down to 4 - 18" ties.

1. Fold each in half along the the long side, press.
2. Open and fold in the raw ends toward the middle, press.
3. Fold again along the middle fold, encasing the raw edges. press.

Tuck in the raw edge of one end of the tie, edge stitch along the length of the tie.

Baste Stitch ties or elastic on the right side of one rectangle, 1/2" from the top and bottom of both sides. Let unfinished ends hang over the edge about 1/8".

Fabric Ties:

Elastic Ties:

Neatly Fold up the ties onto the rectangle and lay the second rectangle on top, right sides together, pin.

Start sewing starting about 1” from the middle of the bottom, pivoting in the corners, with a ½” seam
allowance, being careful not to catch the ties in the seam. Clip the corners. 

Pull the mask through the opening on the bottom. Press. Edgestitch 1/8" from the edge of the mask all the way around, being careful not to catch the ties. Pivot at the corners. You will encase the opening at the bottom.

Your face mask is complete!



Lisa - Colorado said...

Thank you for posting a clear and easy to follow pattern!

Linda said...

Way to go, Rosie the Fabricworm!!!
Stay safe and thank you! Hugs

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