All New Riley Blake Cotton & Jersey Knits! | Instant Savings on All Japanese Import Fabrics

Our Japanese Imported Fabrics are all priced at least 10% Off through Saturday, November 16th at 11pm PST.
Yardage & Bundles Available
Clamshell Dilly Bag
Pemberley Quilt Pattern

Blossom by Christopher Thompson

Lip Pallete Bundle
Cool Bundle
Toned Down Bundle

New Designer Jersey Knits!

Golden Days Main Navy - Mother/Daughter Tops by Bianca
New Jersey Knit Options!
Style With Metallic Accented Ink!
Glam Girl Main Black w/ Sparkle
For the Outdoorsy Look
In The Forest Main Navy

Plus Spotted Jersey Knits by AGF Studio!

Soft & Stretchy Jersey Knit
Speckles Fresh
Speckles Creamsicle
Speckles Banana


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