Sunday, November 17, 2019

20% Off the Entire Store When You Spend $50

Starting now and ending on Tuesday, November 19th save 20% Off the entire store when you spend $50 or more! Use coupon code COOL2BKIND at checkout to see your savings. Excludes Pre-order fabrics & gifts.
Designer Rayon by Ruby Star Society
These 2019 Rayons are a collaborative collection from your favorites! The gals at Ruby Star Society know how to make a bold entrance in to a new scene or New Year. Take a peek at these graphic prints!
Pair them with your sewing patterns for tops, caftans, or maxi dresses.
Make It & Love It with these new Rayons!
Another collaboration is the Aviary Cotton Lawn by designers Rashida Coleman-Hale, Melody Miller, and Alexia Marcelle Abegg. These soft botanicals are printed with bold color and make for great Fall like fabrics. Plus, with gold metallic!
Precut Fabric Bundle
Garden Gems Quilt Pattern by Cotton + Joy
Leafy Metallic in Peach, Caramel, & Jade
Designer Cotton Lawn by Ruby Star Society

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

All New Riley Blake Cotton & Jersey Knits! | Instant Savings on All Japanese Import Fabrics

Our Japanese Imported Fabrics are all priced at least 10% Off through Saturday, November 16th at 11pm PST.
Yardage & Bundles Available
Clamshell Dilly Bag
Pemberley Quilt Pattern

Blossom by Christopher Thompson

Lip Pallete Bundle
Cool Bundle
Toned Down Bundle

New Designer Jersey Knits!

Golden Days Main Navy - Mother/Daughter Tops by Bianca
New Jersey Knit Options!
Style With Metallic Accented Ink!
Glam Girl Main Black w/ Sparkle
For the Outdoorsy Look
In The Forest Main Navy

Plus Spotted Jersey Knits by AGF Studio!

Soft & Stretchy Jersey Knit
Speckles Fresh
Speckles Creamsicle
Speckles Banana

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