Introducing Grow With Me Pajamas by Kinder Birch

Grow With Me Pajamas in Charley Harper Knit!
A tight yet stretchy fit makes for a comfy wear with our newest shipment of children apparel from Kinder Birch. New Grow With Me Pajamas feature extendable cuffs at both wrist and ankle making for a pair of cozies which will last through not only 100+ washes, but also 2+ sizes in growth. Kids can play hard, look cute, and love the environment in these organic cotton jammies!
Passenger Pigeon Grow With Me Pajama in 2T - 5T
Kujira Boy Grow With Me Pajama in 2T - 5T
Zo Famu Black Metallic Grow With Me Pajama in 2T - 5T
Mochi Dot Girl Metallic Short Bodysuit in 3 Sizes
Organic Infant Apparel by Kinder Birch
Hoshi Cream Black Short Bodysuit in 3 Sizes



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