Monday, September 23, 2019

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By Amy Van Luijk for FIGO

Two Fun Collection Bundles

Moonlit Voyage Ochre 7 Total
Moonlit Voyage Blue 8 Total
Irma Cardigan by Ikatee Patterns
It is time to introduce our new sewing pattern the Irma, a cardigan or light vest for children.
Here are the details:
-Cardigan with rounded yoke and gathers.
-Flared with a simple hem or tucked with a band.
-Optional front and back ruffle, optional pockets.
-Complete or partial buttoning.
-Finishes with a facing.
Ikatee also offers the Gaby Jumpsuit for knits!
Imaged are Birch Organic Solid Jersey Knit - Click here to shop all knit fabrics.
Sheepish by Rae Ritchie for Dear Stella is a nod to winter with the warm wool from sheep to call the chilly season. Time to ready the wheat for harvest and prepare for the cold. This collection is fun for both sewists and crafters.
Yardage and Bundles Available
Preorders are now available. Orders are charged up front and they will be delivered as soon as they arrive. For a preorder to be valid it may not include any other fabrics from any other collection. Any other fabrics in your order will be removed before processing. Preorders may not be modified or combined with any other order for maximum efficiency. Tonoshi will ship in Mid to late October.
Preorder Tonoshi by Jay-Cyn Designs for Birch Organic Fabrics
Tonoshi Interlock Knit, Kujira Girl


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