Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Relish in New Yarn Dyed & Kantha Hand Embroidered Wovens

From Diamond Textiles we have our second batch of yummy yarn dyed wovens, some with beautiful embroidered accents of running stitches or crosses. Each print unique in it's own and 100% cotton, are finding their way in to our quilts and clothing. 8 Half Yard and FQ bundles, plus yardage to choose from!
Sunset Bundle
Beaches Bundle
Seaside Bundle
Herbs Bundle
Caffeinated Bundle
Nightfall Bundle
Cloudy Bundle
Carbon Bundle
Ikat Yarn Dyed Wovens with roughly 2" squares.
Ikat Gold Wine/ Natural
Ikat Pewter Green/ Natural
Ikat Black/ Natural
Restocked Kylie & the Machine Labels
*Limited Edition* Slow Fashion Labels
What is Slow Fashion?
The opposite of fast fashion. Made with intention, with thoughtful fibers and materials, made ethically without the use of sweat shops or slave labor, and made to last for your handmade items and makes.
These Slow Fashion labels were created specifically to be used on the outside of your clothing & hopefully spark interactions for you with people who haven't heard of this concept.
From Whistler Studios for Windham, Kantha is a centuries-old form of embroidered quilt making originating in South Asia. Traditionally, Kantha was handmade by women and passed down from generation to generation, much like a lovingly pieced quilt. Our unique Kantha is two cotton layers with simple, hand embroidered running stitches throughout. Embroiderers of this two-layer cotton fabric do not use hoops or frames which gives the fabric a wavy, slightly wrinkled effect. You can use our Kantha fabric for a variety of projects: quilts, bags, table toppers, pillow covers, jackets and even upholstery! Save the scraps to use as patches for jackets and jeans.
Kantha Hand Embroidered
Floral Black/ Multi
Wiksten Women's Haori Jacket Pattern in Kantha Patch Tan/ Multi
We have seen numerous people use their Kona Cotton Solids Color Chart to make swatches for reference or beautiful swatch walls. What's your hack?
Photo & Maker Credit to Lauren of @lola.made
Buy your Kona Cotton Solids Fold Out Color Chart here and make your own.



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Scott Elliff said...

Just a couple of weeks ago I reviewed the classical example of fashion management books - Environmental and Social Impact of Fashion: Towards an Eco-friendly, Ethical Fashion.

Fast versus Slow Fashion - tutorial by L. Daignault-Leclerc to write my essay quick on Design.

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