Thursday, January 31, 2019

Nani Iro Japan Restocked Designs! | 15%-60% Off Select Children's Fabrics

Save 15-60% Off Select Children's Fabrics and 15% Off All Infant Onesies from Kinder Play Co. now through Sunday, February 3rd at 11pm PST*

Fuccra Rakuen & Colorful Pocho DOUBLE GAUZE
Use 100% Cotton Double Gauze for your next whole cloth quilt like @jessierou who made hers featuring these super soft, extremely flattering prints. Finish with some hand quilting for a similar, lofty look.
Fuccra Rakuen White
Encounter Soft Blue
Encounter Cream
Oliver + S Sailboat Top by @zoeprebble
Colorful Pocho Dots!
The Colorful Pocho Dots in Double Gauze are back! Choose from Cream, Ivory, Petal, Soft Mint, & Teal.
Lei Nani & Planet DOUBLE GAUZE
Girl's Dresses Sewn by @hitoco_hitoco in Grace
Plus, a Lawn and two Sateens!
Lei Nani Noir LAWN
Mercy Blue Jay & Ivory


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