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Saturday Sewing: Baby Carrier Featuring Organic Canvas I Plus, A Coupon Code

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Sash Carrier Tutorial by Marci Tyree

This pattern is a self-drafted replica of a baby carrier I had (and loved) with my son, and now I need a new one for baby #3. I hope you love it too. Be sure and read through the post before starting as I've included a few optional add-on's.
sash tutorial
Birch Organic Fabrics, Canvas, Solid Mineral
Robert Kaufman, Taos Flannel
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Sash Carrier Tutorial Featuring Birch Organic Canvas & Robert Kaufman Taos Flannel


A sewing tutorial by sewist Marci Tyree.

This pattern is a self-drafted replica of a baby carrier I had (and loved) with my son, and now I need a new one for baby #3. This style of sash carrier is easier to put on than it looks, and I prefer it over my fancy carrier. I hope you love it too. Be sure and read through this blog post before starting as I've included a few optional add-on's.

What You'll Need:

* 1 1/2 - 2 yards of heavyweight fabric for straps and top (I used Birch Organic Fabrics, Canvas, Solid Mineral which is 100% GOTS cotton)
* 1/2 yard heavyweight fabric for main body (I used Robert Kaufman, Taos Flannel, Mountain Brown)
* Basic sewing supplies (machine, iron, thread, clips or pins, etc)
* Heavy duty needle to punch through those canvas layers (I used one from the Schmetz, Denim Assortment)

Optional Add-On's:

* 1/4"-1/2" foam padding for top panel
* 1/2 yard reinforcing fabric for main body IF you're like me and fell in love with a flannel or if you would like to use a quilt weight cotton. I used extra canvas.


* Main body pieces - CUT 2 14" x 16" 
* Shoulder straps - CUT 4 ON 7" FOLD 18" x 7" 
* Waist straps - CUT 1 ON 7" FOLD 38" x 7"
* Top curved panel - CUT 2 ON FOLD - see link to print the template and be sure to print as landscape:, you can use paper to trace the template directly from your computer screen.

Cut your pieces and iron if needed. Keep the waist and shoulder straps labelled, as they look very similar.


Assembly: Pattern uses 1/4" seam allowances

Step 1 - 

Serge or stitch the short ends of the shoulder straps together, then flip over and stitch that seam down. You will 
end up with 2 long strips sewing the two sets of 2 together.


Step 2 - 

With right sides together, sew along the long edge of the three straps (2 shoulder, 1 waist). Flip them all right side out and iron flat.


Step 3 - 

Hem the edges of all three straps, be sure to turn (and iron) the short sides so there are no raw edges exposed.


Step 4 - 

Clip or pin your 2 sets of main body pieces to your top panel pieces. *If you are using a reinforcing fabric like me, pin or clip that piece to the back of one of these as well. Serge or stitch along the top edge.

Step 5 - 

Flip and iron the top panel, then top stitch.


Step 6 - 

With right sides together, sew as shown on the red line. Be sure to leave an open space in the bottom for turning out! After you stitch, trim your corners and top curved edge with pinking shears. This will help reduce bulk and create clean corners.


Step 7 - 

Turn the main body right side out and iron edges flat. If you are using the foam for padding the top panel, 
trim it to size and pin/clip it in place now.


Step 8 - 

Fold in and clip or pin bottom edge closed. I failed at snapping a picture once I had mine clipped, oops!


Step 9 - 

Top stitch around your outer edges and along the bottom of the top panel.


Step 10 - 

Clip or pin your straps in place (All at once or 1 at a time if you prefer).
Shoulders: overlap 1" inch onto the top panel.
Waist: locate the middle of the main body bottom, and the middle of the strap. Clip or pin in place 
along with the bottom edge and sides.


Step 11 - 

Sew straps in place with your preferred reinforced stitch (I liked the look of 3 lines on mine). Be sure to also 
stitch the middle of the waist strap in place.



Insert cute baby and enjoy having two free hands! :)



How To Tie:

Tie waist strap around hips, double knot.
Hold baby to your chest with one hand, pull the carrier body up behind their back with the other.
Always keep one hand holding baby securely at all times while you flip both shoulder straps over.
Reach around and grab the opposite strap with your free hand, and pull around to front.
Do the same on the other side to form an "X" on your back
Tie the straps behind baby's back and your'e done!

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