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Virtuosa reminisces on Bari J.’s days as a theater performer, reimagining plays through dramatic yet melodic designs where the plot is reinterpreted. Bold floral prints are mixed with harmonious geometrics symbolizing the arc of a story. All set against two distinct palettes; the mysterious romantic and the warmhearted extrovert.
Yardage and Bundles Available
Charming by Gertie is here and well, it is charming!!! Those vintage florals pop on their black and white backgrounds and the spider web adds that Gertie edge! Don't forget to pick up a Lamour Dress pattern, also by Gertie!
Sapphire Bundle
Ivory Bundle
Noir Bundle
PRE-CUT Forage Essex LINEN
We've been waiting for this one for while! Anna Graham's Forage overprinted on Robert Kaufman's Essex and Yarn Dyed Essex linen is just what you need to sew up your next Traverse Bag or Maker's Tote!
Essex is a staple for anyone who loves the structure and drape of a linen blend. Nine beauties offered in yardage and bundles and don't forget to check out the pre-cuts!
Yardage and Bundles Available
Arctic by Elizabeth Hartman features polar bears, feathers and snowy mountains. We have fat eighth bundles available for Arctic as well as Essex Arctic Coordinates.
Pre-Cut Arctic Fat Eighths
Pre-Cut Essex Arctic Coordinates Fat Eighths
Sea and Land Bundles
Kitchen Window is another great collection from Elizabeth and it just so happens to coordinate with Arctic! Pick up some yardage or grab a pre-cut fat eighth for your next quilt!
Kitchen Window Wovens
Pre-Cut Fat Eighths
Fairies flutter around their tall tree houses and their little lanterns give a warm glow. Pretty unicorns dance through the forest amongst magical flowers
Yardage and Bundles Available
A delightful follow up to our bestselling ‘Down by the River’ collection. This time with an Autumnal feel, featuring new friends such as the Water Vole, Dragonflys and a murmuration of Starlings. 
The colours inspired by the special sunsets at that time of year over

Small Things Country Creatures

Small Things Country Creatures
In need of a fox, deer, hedgehog, mouse or otterprint in a small scale? Well look no further because that's just what these sweet fabrics are! Small scale adorable animals will always be in style so grab a bundle today!!


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