Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Wonderland is here and so the adventure begins! Take a seat for tea time or follow the rabbit even further into Wonderland where you'll find some fun flamingos and friendly flowers!
The Wonderland collection was inspired by one of Emily’s favorite tales. She designed it in a way that each fabric is ambiguous on their own but once pieced together, they tell a story.

Through the Looking Glass Quilt Kit and Free Pattern

We are so hooked on Suzy Quilts' beautiful creations for Birch and the Through the Looking Glass Quilt is no exception! We have the Free Pattern to share and we now have the Quilt Kit for sale!!
Through the Looking Glass Quilt by Suzy Quilts
The Hidden Garden is the second collection from designer Miriam Bos in collaboration with Birch FabricsHidden Garden is a remote clearing in your favorite garden, where you go to daydream. Childhood memories of catching crawlers and making mud pies will come soaring back to your mind’s forefront. We hope you take a hop, a leap, and a jump, through Hidden Garden.

The Hidden Garden Quilt by Suzy Quilts

This quilt, which Suzy says is really easy to make, is her newest beauty for Birch featuring The Hidden Garden fabrics. It's large, falling leaf aesthetic is playful just like collection and it's colors will brighten up any room! Stay tuned for all the details on this quilt in the weeks ahead.


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