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Sewing Tutorial and Free PDF Pattern | Hooded Sweatshirt by The Crafty Kitty

free hooded sweatshirt pattern | the crafty kitty

The Maritime free hooded sweatshirt pattern features an oversized, wrap†neck hood plus optional double welt front pocket.
free hooded sweatshirt pattern | the crafty kitty

The organic interlock fabrics create a really cosy feel and with 3 sleeve options will take you through a wide range of weather. Available in sizes 2-9 years.
free hooded sweatshirt pattern | the crafty kitty

  • 2†yards maritime main knit
  • 0.5 yards octo school purple knit
  • clear elastic tape or knit interfacing
  • print and assemble free hooded sweatshirt pattern
  • pre-wash and dry fabric.
  • cut out pattern pieces from fabric and add any markings.
  • stabilise neckline and shoulders using clear elastic tape/knit interfacing.
Pattern uses 1/4" seam allowance unless otherwise stated. For most seams use either an overlocker, overlock stitch OR a stretch stitch and finish raw edge with zig zag.

Pocket (optional)
Step 1

Pin one of the pocket interiors wrong side facing (WSF) to the wrong side of the sweatshirt front. centred and aligned with the bottom edge. Pin the pocket facings RSF (right sides facing) in place on the front of the sweatshirt and sew around the box marked.

Step 2


Cut the centre line of the facing and cut the diagonal lines to the corner. Flip facing to the reverse of the sweatshirt and press. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for other pocket facing.

Step 3

Baste 2 of the welt pieces along the centre line RSF. Press open.

Step 4

Pin the welts aligned with the centre of the pocket opening on the reverse of the sweatshirt. Top stitch close to the edge of the opening using a stretch stitch.

Step 5

Overlock the top and inside edge of the welts and then top stitch onto the pocket lining. Repeat steps 3-5 for other pocket opening.

Step 6

Place the other pocket lining RSF on top and then overlock the top and 2 sides of the pocket. Baste the bottom of the pocket to the bottom of the sweatshirt front (using a zig zag stitch) and then unpick the basting stitches to open up the welts.

Hooded Sweatshirt

Step 1
Sew top seam right sides facing (rsf) on main hood. repeat for contrast hood lining

Step 2
Sew main hood to contrast hood lining (rsf) along front seam.

Step 3
Turn right side out and press. Baste hood and lining together along neck seam using zig zag.

Step 4
Sew front and back of sweatshirt together RSF along shoulder seam.

Step 5
Pin hood to neck of sweatshirt RSF, lining up notches at shoulder seam. Sew Hood to sweatshirt.

Step 6
Sew sleeve to armhole of sweatshirt RSF and repeat for other sleeve. If you are making the double sleeve, you need to sew the upper and lower sleeve together first RSF and then fold the upper sleeve so that there is a 3/4" overlap and top stitch on the right side.

Step 7
Sew side seam of sweatshirt from cuff to hem RSF and repeat for other side.

Step 8
Press under 1/2" on cuffs*, finish raw edge with overlock or zigzag stitch and top stitch with stretch stitch (or use cover stitch). *3/4" if using short sleeve.

Step 9

Press under 1/2" on hem, finish raw edge with overlock or zigzag stitch and top stitch with stretch stitch (or use cover stitch).

free hooded sweatshirt pattern | the crafty kitty

free hooded sweatshirt pattern | the crafty kitty



Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Little Yellow Couch's DIY Mod Pillows

Hello Fabricworms! This week we sponsored a Style Matters podcast from Little Yellow Couch, with special guest Rachel Smith of The Crafted Life.  If you have a chance to listen to her interview, you'll learn that she is an inspirational DIYer! In honor of their special guest, the women of Little Yellow Couch thought it would be great to do a fun little project. Using fabrics from Birch Fabric's Mod Basics 3 line, they sewed up some fun Mod Pillows and have also been gracious enough to provide a tutorial for all those interested in making their very own! Visit Little Yellow Couch's blog to learn how to add some sweet decorative pillows to your home decor.  

Mod Pillows

Mod Pillows

Mod Pillows
Mod Pillows
Mod Pillows

Have fun making your own set!

-The Fabricworm Team


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Fabricworm Giveaway: Charm Pack of Joel Dewberry's Wander

Hello Fabricworms! Spring is in full swing and we couldn't be happier basking in all this sun. What makes you happier than some good 'ol sunshine? Perhaps a giveaway?!?! This week we will be giving away a charm pack of Joel Dewberry's Wander collection! That's right, all 42 of his fabrics will be given away! Enter to win now.

Take a creative journey through the fusion of handcrafted Southwestern design and minimalist modern influences. This fresh take on Navajo-inspired design focuses on bold geometric patterns, saturated harvest colors and historically rich references. Primitive, pure and decorative in every detail. Pattern, color and handmade details explode in every design. Wander was created to inspire the patience for taking time to live in the present and for enjoying the journey as much as the destination. Let your journey begin.

Use the Gleam widget below to enter the giveaway.

This giveaway ends on Sunday 4/25/16 @ 12 am PST.  The winner will be contacted shortly after by email.  The winner will be chosen randomly by Gleam.

-The Fabricworm Team


Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy Friday!

Hello Fabricworms! We just wanted to take this moment and wish you all a happy Friday! Sometimes we all just need a moment to stop and take a deep breadth from our hectic schedules and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. From all of us at the shop, we hope you have a fantastic weekend full of rejuvenation! 
Also, please enjoy this meme :) :

-The Fabricworm Team

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