Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fabricworm Giveaway: Natural History in Moon

Hello Fabricworms! We can't express enough how incredibly excited we are about this latest collection from Lizzy House! This gender neutral collection is perfect for your little boy or girl who's interested in the wonderful aspects of our world. Enter to win a free fat quarter bundle of Natural History in Moon by Lizzy House!

This collection features adorable dinosaurs, whales, butterflies, constellations, and gems. It comes in two colorways for both boys and girls.

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This giveaway ends on Sunday 5/3 @ 12 pm PST.  The winner will be contacted shortly after by email.  The winner will be chosen by randomly through Gleam.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fabricworm Giveaway: Mini Pearl Bracelets in Summer Daze

Hello Fabricworms! We are especially excited to announce this week's giveaway. For the longest time Lizzy House has been one of out most favorite designers and she has consistently given us her signature Pearl Bracelets along with most of her collections. It's not hard to guess that after all these years they have become almost a staple in our store and we are happy to announce that Mini Pearl Bracelets are now in stock in our store. Enter to win a free fat quarter bundle of Mini Pearl Bracelets in Summer Daze by Lizzy House!

All the colors of the rainbow are now available in store. Be sure to check them all out!

Here's some inspiration from Lizzy herself of an adorable dress you could make using these prints. Granted, this dress was made using the regular sized Pearl Bracelet prints, but hey, you get the idea :)

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This giveaway ends on Sunday 4/26 @ 12 pm PST.  The winner will be contacted shortly after by email.  The winner will be chosen by randomly through Gleam.


Monday, April 13, 2015

Fabricworm Giveaway: Black and White by Cotton and Steel

Hello Fabricworms! Our favorite company has just released its newest collection and I'm happy to announce that it's now available in our store. Not only that, but it's also this week's giveaway! Beautiful prints paired with a simple, neutral palette has us all dreaming up our next sewing masterpiece. Enter to win Black and White by Cotton and Steel!

A bunch of our favorite designers from Cotton and Steel collaborated together to create this wonderful collection full of adorable prints like bunnies, kitties, typewriters, pencils, and more! Don't pass this collection up!

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This giveaway ends on Sunday 4/19 @ 12 pm PST.  The winner will be contacted shortly after by email.  The winner will be chosen by randomly through Gleam.


Tutorial & Free PDF Template | The Reversible Pullover Bib | by Miestaflet

Hi! I'm Annelies, I blog at Miestaflet and Im so excited today to share a tutorial for a reversible pullover bib in the brand new Organic Solid Knits by Birch Fabrics. I could not believe how soft they are! And all those colors Oh, how fun it is to play with the combinations.  These bibs dont have any ties or velcro or snaps. Yet they have a soft neckband in rib knit to put the bib over the head of your baby or toddler. My youngest even prefers this type of bibs because she can put it on and off herself.


  •  2 x ½ yard of Birch organic solid knit fabric in contrasting colors (the knits are extra wide, so you can actually make more bibs out of ½ yard. If you want to use a scrap, one color should be at least ½ yard wide and 35 long. Whenever you work with knits, always prewash your fabrics, as they will shrink a little.)
  •  rib knit fabric, 1 x 10
  •  coordinating thread
  • sewing machine with a jersey needle (ballpoint tip)
  • printable pattern - reversible pullover bib
  • optional: a serger


(1) Place the pattern on the fold and cut out the bib from both knits. Be careful not to stretch the knit fabric when you cut. You can use fine pins or weights to keep your pattern in place. Make sure the fabric stretches in the right direction. Mark the notches (you can use your iron machine to mark them).  
(2) Cut a long strip, 1 ½ wide x 35 long from one of the knits.
(3) Cut the rib knit 2 wide x 10 long. 


Assembling the neckband

 (1) Fold the rib knit lengthwise, right sides together and sew or serge the short open sides using a seam allowance of 1/4 (If you dont have a serger, you can use your regular sewing machine using a stretch stitch.). Give it a good press.
(2) Next you fold the long sides together. You will end up with a circle.  Divide that circle of ribbing in 4 equal parts. Here is an easy trick, not using a ruler or measuring tape: 
(3) Place it on your sewing table with the seam on the left side and put a pin on the right side.
(4) Then place those 2 pins on top of each other and put a pin on both sides. 

Assembling the bib

 (1) Pin the neckband on the neck opening of one of the knits, aligning the marks and the pins, right sides together. Align the seam of the ribbing with the middle of the neck opening at the back. It will look all wrinkly, but that gets solved later.
(2) Next you put your other knit on top of that, right sides together. Take your time, pinning all layers carefully together and sandwiching in the ribbing neckband.
(3) As you sew this seam, gently stretch out your ribbing. Be careful NOT to stretch the knit fabric. Sew or serge slowly making sure all layers stay together and do not shift.  Turn the bib right sides out and give it a good press.

Now its time to bind the bib with the knit strip:

(4) Align the long strip with the side of the bib in the same color, folding back the beginning of the strip ¼ at the start.

(5) Serge or sew, right sides together (1/4 seam allowance), leaving the first inch un-sewn. You need to stretch the strip as you sew, not too much though. It gets easier with practice.  If you are not sure about how much to stretch out the strip, you can also divide your strip in 4 equal parts (folding it half wise 2 times) and divide it equally around the bib (folding the bib 2 times in opposite directions and matching those points with the marks on the strip) (4).

(7) When you have serged or sewn almost all around the bib, put the end of the strip on top of the beginning and sew them together (the beginning of the strip will be folded back). Cut out a corner to reduce the bulk. Give it a good press.  Turn your bib to the other side, fold the strip in until it touches the outside of the bib (8) and pin it to the opposite side so it just covers the seam (9).

(10) On this side of the bib, the end of the strip will be folded over the beginning. Use a pin to keep it in place. Topstitch the strip 2mm to the right (with a regular sewing machine using a jersey needle and a slightly longer stitch length) 
(11). Give it a good press 
(12). Admire!

Just look at all those pretty colors! 


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Special Giveaway: A Copy of 50 Fat Quarter Makes!

For those of you who keep up to date on our blog posts, we are doing another book review and book giveaway! Yay! On this fine rainy afternoon, I took to my laptop with a side of strawberries and glass of orange juice to finally read this adorable book by eleven incredibly talented designers. Here we go!

50 Fat Quarter Makes was made for all of us out there who are hoarders--hoarders of fat quarter pieces. If you are anything like me, you have tons of fabric laying around with absolutely no idea of what to make with it. Maybe you bought the fabric with a project in mind, but now your original idea no longer sounds good, or maybe you bought it just because it was too pretty to pass up. Either way we got you covered with this book. 

First off, I'd like to point out just how much I love this table of contents! Projects are arranged by how many fat quarters you have at your disposal. It starts with one and grows all the way to ten, ranging from simple projects to more complex projects. Choose your project and get started!

The more simple projects like a dog bandana,  a simple skirt, a baby bib, an adorable pot holder, or a sewing machine cover. These projects are all super simple, but all something I can definitely see myself doing. The best part about this book, and I cannot stress this enough: that this book is arranged by Fat Quarters! I can't get over just how handy that is for a night when you feel like doing a quick little project to get rid of the crafty itch. 

I've been meaning to make me one of these covers for my sewing machine for so long now! I think this is probably a sign that I should get started on it. 

This basket! It's just oozes cuteness! Doesn't it just make you want to get your hands on this book to get started on all these absolutely adorable projects?

For more difficult projects, take a look at the pictures below. This book teaches you how to make a garden party tablecloth,  a chevron quilt, or a patchwork skirt. I don't know about you, but I have my eye on that chevron quilt. Give me!

The instructions are simple and easy to follow with cute little illustrations and tips as well as a materials list for each project. 
This book is simple enough for beginner sewers to work their way through the book from the easy, one-fat quarter projects, all the way to the complex, ten fat quarter projects. I would even venture to say that some of these projects are simple enough for kids to do and if you are a mother or grandmother, it may be a great way to bond with your little one :).

Includes nifty templates and a technique section showing the proper way to sew specific stitches. 

Don't be fooled! There are tons of awesome projects in this book, I am only highlighting a few. Be sure to enter to win this prize and you could be making your own masterpieces. 

I hope that I have been able to peak your interest in this adorable little book. It's full of cute projects for you when your creative juices are just overflowing.

This blog post has been part of the Stash-Busting Blog Hop. If you wish to see more great posts, please click on the link! Each day a new blogger will be posting tips, tutorials, giveaways, and interviews about using scrap fabrics to create beautiful works of art. 

If you are interested in purchasing the book or the eBook, you can click here to get them! Otherwise, please enter into our giveaway for a chance to win a free PDF eBook! 

The winner will be chosen by Gleam!

Giveaway ends Sunday 4/15 @ 11:59pm PST.


Your Fabricworm Gal,



Monday, April 6, 2015

Fabricworm Giveaway: Two Free Yards of Mod Basic Solid Knits

Hello Fabricworms! Contain your excitement when I tell you that Mod Basics Solid Knits are finally in stock! Now contain your excitement for a second time when I tell you that it is also this week's giveaway! Yay! So many exclamation marks! So start dreaming up your next project because these babies are sure to go fast.

Winner gets to decide which knit color they would like. Enter to win one of these fabulous fabrics now!

Apparel sewers, we've got you covered! You asked for a range of complimentary solid knits, and we have delivered you 19 gorgeous colors to enhance and balance all your sewing projects. Made up of 95% fine organic cotton and 5% spandex, these knits have a beautiful drape and an incredibly soft hand. 

 Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas of what you could make with this fabulous collection!

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This giveaway ends on Sunday 4/12 @ 12 am PST.  The winner will be contacted shortly after by email.  The winner will be chosen randomly by Gleam.

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