Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Ghastlies!! Part II...

A Ghastlie Reunion Natural

The Ghastlies are back for a family reunion and they aren't happy about it! Our very favorite moody characters are back and we're introducing you to some new family members.
We've got these available in bundles so you can own a piece in every color!

Ghastlie Bundle

A Ghastlie Reunion Mauve

A Ghastlie Reunion Gray

A Ghastlie Reunion Green



Jennie P. said...

I love The Ghastlies.

Jim Thomson said...

Thanks for the post!!

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myrtle said...

Great! love it.=D
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amy dame said...

this is part 3, isn't it? it looks awesome! i was kinda blegh about the 2011 Ghastlies, they weren't as fabulous as the originals in 2010, but i'm excited about these!

i'm glad i haven't gotten around to starting my Ghastlies quilt!

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