Monday, December 6, 2010

Nani Iro Fuccra by Naomi and Echino Fall 2009 from Kokka are back in stock!

We just got a fresh shipment of Japanese Import Fabrics, including restocks in the Fuccra prints by Naomi Ito for Nani Iro as well as several of the Fall 2009 Echino prints, see pics!

Naomi Ito Fuccra Eggplant
Naomi Ito Fuccra Butter

Naomi Ito Fuccra Teal Blue

Naomi Ito Fuccra Grey

Naomi Ito Fuccra Natural
Echino Flower Bed Eggplant

Echino Flower Bed Green

Echino Flower Bed Purple

Echino Flower Bed Turquoise

Echino Bird Song Green

Echino Bird Song Pink

Echino Bird Song Purple

Echino Bird Song Turquoise


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