Thursday, August 26, 2010

End of Summer Halter Tunic, New Fabric, and a Sale!

Allow me to introduce the cutest halter tunic ever. It is the perfect project for showing off some really great fabric, and in Arleen's case some rockin' tattoos!

And here is Miss A, ready for a cool, late summer evening. Don't you just want to take her out for an ice cream?

A close up of the neckline.

And here is a shot of the back.

The reason why this tunic is so lovely is that I used Alexander Henry's Fulham Road Blue Bell Tea.

Alexander Henry Fulham Road Lawn Blue Bell Tea

This line of lawn cloth is so beautiful and has such a silky feel to it. It is great for garments because of the lovely drape, and not to mention the gorgeous prints. This material is absolutely perfect for tops or skirts. I am also picturing really luscious pajama pants using some Oxford Butterfly Teal/Lavender.

 Alexander Henry Fulham Road Oxford Butterfly Teal/Lavender

The pattern I used is Neue Mode 23002 but this material would look fantastic with the Sew Liberated Sunday Picnic Blouse and Dress.

Sew Liberated Sunday Dress Pattern

Or the Make It Perfect Shearwater Kaftan

Make it Perfect Shearwater Kaftan

Or the Make It Perfect Sweet Dream PJs

Make it Perfect Sweet Dream PJs

New Paradise Collection by Patricia Bravo has arrived!

We couldn't resist whipping up some new sets for a special Sale! This weekend all custom 1/2 Yard bundles are 10% off (Hurry sale ends on Monday 8/30 @10pm PST)
Purple and Fuchsia Custom Quilt Bundle

Grassy Garden Custom Quilt Bundle

Fruit Basket Custom Quilt Bundle


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Fabric from Daiwabo Japan Tip Top Elephants and Hippos and a Giveaway of Laurie Wisbrun Urban Circus via Red Pepper Quilts!

We've received so many new collections we are just overwhelmed with Fabric Loveliness check out what's new in our shop! Oh and make sure you read all the way down, Laurie Wisbrun and I are giving away some fat quarters via Red Pepper Quilts!

First up Daiwabo Japan's Tip Top Canvas and Cotton as well as the Water Resistant Canvas Collection Notus!

Tip Top Elephants and Hippos in Canvas and Tip Top Cotton Elephants

Notus Water Resistant Cotton Canvas from Daiwabo Japan

Cloud9 Forest Friends Organic Cotton Flannel

Daisy Doodle by Michael Miller Fabrics

Check out our Giveaway with Red Pepper Quilts and Laurie Wisbrun for her new Urban Circus Collection!

Urban Circus is available in Fat Quarter and 1/2 Yard Bundles!
Of course this cute Blue Pachyderm print is my fave for my 2 boys!

Check out our Newest Custom Quilt Bundles, I'm so digging this ultra preppy Strawberry Fields set. It reminds me so much of being a little girl in the seventies. Everything was red white and navy and lots of strawberries and lady bugs!

Strawberry Fields Forever Custom Quilt Bundle

Autumn Trail Custom Quilt Bundle


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Oh Fransson Project, Farmdale by Alexander Henry and New Bundles!

A few new developments around here as usual! Oh Fransson whipped up another Wonderful Project for August with some lovely fabric from and is giving away the fat quarter set here
New Oh Fransson Fat Quarter Set for August!

Oh Fransson Birthday Cake Tablecloth Project for August!

We just received our Farmdale shipment from Alexander Henry, and the chocolate chickens are now in stock too!
Just arrived, Farmdale by Alexander Henry

We are excited about a few new sets we made. Looks like Pink is the new Black, because for some reason I'm really feeling it!

Pretty Pink Dolls Custom Quilt Bundle

Sew Pretty in Pink Custom  Quilt Bundle

We  have a huge new Kei Shipment arriving today, so I'll hopefully have pics posted soon!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tip Top Numbers Bear link to free pattern included!

This cute, little free bear pattern is a fun afternoon project and a great way to show off some really cute fabric. This little guy is made with Tip Top Numbers Bright and Michael Miller Dumb Dot Red. Tip Top Numbers is so bright and colorful, works for boys, girls, babies and big kids.

Daiwabo Tip Top Canvas Numbers Bright
Michael Miller Dumb Dot Red
The 7 inch version of the bear is a perfect size for little hands.

The directions are not too detailed and after trying this pattern a couple of times, here are some tips and tricks that made things easier for me:

  • Adjust the seam allowance from 3/8" to 1/4". It was definitely easier to sew the little pieces with a smaller seam allowance.
  • Press open the front and back seams. A tailor's ham is very helpful for pressing open curved seams like these.

  • When sewing the curved seams, go slowly, repositioning the pieces every few stitches. It will keep the curved seams nice and smooth.
  • When sewing the fits to the legs, I found trying to sew the fits onto the legs with both leg seams sewn was too difficult. Instead, sew the top leg seam first. Starting at that seam, sew the fit in one direction. In the picture below, you can see how I positioned the fit on the top seam. Stop 1/4" from the edge. Go back to the center seam and sew the other side, stopping 1/4" from the edge. Sew the bottom seam, stopping 1/4" from the edge.

  • The directions skip the step of sewing the arms together. Sew them after you sew the legs.

  • Sewing the front piece to the body is a little tricky but it will come together. Start by sewing the curved leg seams together, then sew the seam between the legs. Sew the curved arm seams and then the shoulders, which is what I am doing in the picture below. The trickiest part is sewing the seams between the legs and the arms. The directions don't mention it, but the back pattern piece has notches at arm and leg joints. Clip these notches to make it easier to sew the front to the back. Good luck, go slow and be sure to turn the bear right side out to check how things are coming together. And don't be afraid of the seam ripper.

  • After sewing the face darts, sew the top face seam, then sew the nose on. Just to warn you, the nose piece is too big so you will have to give it a little nose job. Start sewing the nose at the center seam on the face, going in one direction, then the other. Then sew the lower face seam. Once the face is together, you can see how much of the nose needs to be adjusted. Sew a new nose seam following the original seam line but have it line up with the lower face seam. Trim the excess fabric.

  • When sewing the ears, sew them nice and slowly since they are so little. Stuff them and baste them closed. Sew them onto the front of the face before sewing the head together.
  • When sewing the head to the body, start by matching the two center seams, sewing one side to the back and then the other.
Good luck and have fun!
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