Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Have you heard? Monaluna Organic collection "Monaco" is here!

I'm not sure there's anything cuter for new baby! This collection is so full of whimsy and spark! I just love the retro feel but modern, fresh palette. Little ones and Mommas alike will adore this soft organic cotton!

Available now @ fabricworm.com


dragonfly said...

I'm in love!

Little Bluebell (Adrianne) said...

I love it!!! Quick. I need a new baby to sew for. Anyone?!? : )

This is going to be great for so many projects. Those scooters are so charming.

murielle87 said...

So beautuful i lové it

Gabi Salgueiro said...

Super cute! =)

Me? A Mom? said...

Lovely but why so expensive (double!)? Because it is organic?

This on-a-budget fabric lover can't justify those prices. :(

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