Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Just because I Love Blythe

No it has nothing to do with fabric, necessarily, although had I not started selling fabric, I would have never learned of her. What am I talking about you ask? Well my newest obsession, Blythe Neo. I have never purchased one yet, I've been eyeing them for a good while, and some what obsessing over them. Mainly because I've seen so many deliciously adorable clothes made for them by Etsy sellers, such as dollymolly

So I think I've finally found the one I want. This is her, Cassiopeia Spice

She is so adorable with her flower in her air, and a camera around her neck. Mostly though I think it's appropriate that she is sporting a patchwork dress!

Just felt like sharing!

Happy Holidays!

Oh and Santa, if you are reading, I don't think she's available until January, so maybe you could just make a stop at my house in the Spring? Maybe? Pretty Please....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Oilcloth in Action! Raincoat Arrived!

Many of you may recall my desperate plea for a willing and able seamstress to sew up a raincoat for me out of the ever so luscious Anna Maria Horner Forest Hills print! A lovely gal named Meg, so generously answered my plea! As you can see here, I'm very pleased. The fit is Perfect, craftsmanship- Awesome! Don't be shy, if you want a raincoat, e-mail Meg (, and definitely take a look at her Adorable Etsy shop Nora's Room where she sells lots of Wonderful Boutique Baby and Children's items.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Fabric Collection is Here! Yippee!

Bree and Arleen were so excited to see the New Fabrics! We all oohed and awed for quite a long time, before we realized we had better get cutting!! The fabric is soooo soft and silky. I'm picturing so many pretty dresses and blouses!

I love this scarf in the Dobby Square Dance Citrus, and this cute sundress in the voile Diamond Mine Pomegranate! Thanks for the Photos, Anna!

This weekend we are having our last sale before Christmas, receive 10% off orders of $75 or more through Dec. 15th. Coupon code: xmas10off for use @
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