Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Oilcloth is here!!

Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Oilcloth is here!!

It's Here It's Here! It's finally Here!!

Now who's available to sew a raincoat for me? Seriously. I really want a raincoat from Forest Hills Berry. Please tell me someone has a cool pattern and knows how to sew a raincoat! Leave a comment if you are interested:)

Available now @

Oh and I'm sure most of you got my e-mail, but if you didn't from now until November 4th. If you spend $75 or more, you can get 10% off with coupon code: fall10off


Dana said…
Oh! Me too!!! I want a raincoat too!!!

If you find someone willing I really, really, really would like one too. Of course I will pay handsomely. :)
FabricWorm said…
I will pay handsomely also, so please come out, come out wherever you are, Avid Raincoat Sewists!!
Anna said…
There was a super cute raincoat featured in the Autumn 2009 Ottobre design magazine...
so pretty! <3

i was also going to suggest the ottobre raincoat. it's super cute!
but i'm guessing you're talking about a raincoat for yourself?

can't wait to place my AMH order when you've got all the goods in. :)
I LOVE that oilcloth!! Although I don't think I'd make a raincoat with it, it just doesn't rain here much...
OMG that oilcloth is amazing! I made my son a raincoat out of a skull oilcloth. just used a regular coat pattern.
turned out gorgeous!
will have to order some of that for my daughter.
don't suppose you post to Australia??
FabricWorm said…
Raincoat will be for me, I only have boys, so these won't work for them, darn.

Hi, 5 Star Baby! Yes, we post to Australia, and every where else!
Ethel Edith said…
Your fabric is too fabulous! So many colors & styles! I wish I could physically visit your fabric room b/c I am sure I could spend hours there - great stuff!!
kanishk said…
eally would like one too. Of course I will pay Work From Home
now i need to find something to make with this! raincoat is an awesome idea!
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