Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Oilcloth is here!!

Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Oilcloth is here!!

It's Here It's Here! It's finally Here!!

Now who's available to sew a raincoat for me? Seriously. I really want a raincoat from Forest Hills Berry. Please tell me someone has a cool pattern and knows how to sew a raincoat! Leave a comment if you are interested:)

Available now @

Oh and I'm sure most of you got my e-mail, but if you didn't from now until November 4th. If you spend $75 or more, you can get 10% off with coupon code: fall10off


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Denyse Schmidt, Hope Valley and New Quilt Patterns

Hi Fabricworms!

I'm sure most of you have already seen and heard the News about Denyse Schmidt's New Line Hope Valley. Many of you have already e-mailed to ask if I'd be getting it in and the Answer is YES!! I will have the whole collection including Pre-Cut Fat Quarter packs that Free Spirit has so kindly prepared for all us Fab Junkies that just have to have a little of it all!

Denyse is also releasing 4 New Quilt Patterns this Fall, I will have these 3 for sale also. Check out soon for all of these Wonderful items!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Anna Maria Horner, Little Folks, The Softest Fabric on Earth!

If you haven't already heard, Anna Maria Horner has a Wonderful New Collection due this Winter called, "Little Folks".

There are several elements to this New collection.

- She has a collection of 24 prints coming in Voile, a light weight, very soft cotton that is extremely versatile as you will see in the photos. It will be great for apparel but also works beautifully in quilts. The fabric is 55" wide, and will retail for around $14-$15 per/yard. Free Spirit is also releasing a collection of 8 voile solids that correspond perfectly with the AMH Voiles.

- She is also releasing 4 prints in Dobby Voile, which has lovely little embroidered dots, as you can see in the close up here, as well as 8 coordinating solids for this also. Also 55" wide, and will retail for around $14-$15 p/y.

The Entire Collection in Both Voile and Dobby Voile will be available at

- Folksy Flannels will be a collection of 16 prints, using some of the prints from Good Folks, but in new colorways, such as Fortune and Buttoned up. But also using mostly prints from the Little Folks Collection. This is not your ordinary flannel by the way. After seeing it and feeling it in person, I have a whole new perspective of what flannel can be. This is so luxurious and soft, it will make wonderful backing for baby blankets, luscious receiving blankets, and a wonderful fabric for a changing pad. Baby will be very happy!!

- And of course as many of you already know by now, 2 new oilcloth prints. And Great News here. They are ready to ship and I will have them in stock end of next week @ Oh Yes!!

On with the photos...

Myself and Kim Kight of True Up (sporting a lovely dress in AMH Festival Dusk, sewn by this lovely Etsian: Molly Stevens: Ellen&Ollie)

and another shot of Kim:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sandi has really outdone herself....Meadowsweet it is!

I had the pleasure of meeting Sandi Henderson at the Spring Quilt Market, when she was off duty. I ran into her this time around in Houston, and she's been very busy as you will see here. There's really no need to write much about this collection. The photos speak for themselves. If this isn't the Sweetest darn collection... you must call me silly. The entire collection will be available at of course:) Enjoy!

You might recognize this beautiful lady!

Photos are either provided by Sandi Henderson or photographed by Cynthia Mann, all rights reserved.
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