Kind of a Teaser, Birch Fabrics, First Collection Logo!

Okay, so here's a little hint at what's to come for Birch Fabrics, 100% Organic, Just a little tease, but we finished the One Color Logo for the Selvage this morning and I thought I'd share. Also here's what the selvage will look like.

We decided not to go with Mid Mod, because it was too similar to Amy Butler's Midwest Modern, so we went with Circa 50. Thanks to Kim @ True Up for helping me with that one:) I think it's a winner!

What do you think?


kmel said…
OMG I named a fabric collection! Sweet!
Shannon said…
I like the name, and the logo is cute!
Woot! Can't wait to see it.
Jan said…
Looks good! The name totally works ;) !
Anonymous said…
Name is great and I LOVE the logo!
Jenean said…
Great name! Great logo! Can't wait!!
monaluna said…
The logo looks great! Can't wait to see the fabric. :)
I love the selvage. Since I am a collector of selvages, I would buy the fabric just for that alone. But...having had a sneak peak of sorts at the fabric itself, I'll buy it just because it is so darn cute. Can't wait!
P.O. Word verification: solde. As in: I'm already sold(e) on your fabric design!
Meghan said…

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goldilocks said…
thes 50's fabric are wonderful! I also love 60's designs - the hippie flowers, peace sings, the VW cars, bell bottoms, etc.
monaluna is outasight! Can't wait to see her Sixties.
KTimlake said…
Fantastic name!!!!!!
Annette Leizan said…
I love it...I wasn looking for cute organics for awhile. Cant wait to buy it!!!