Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baby Keaton is Growing UP too fast!

My little guy, Keaton is almost 8 months old. Crawling lighting fast, and already cruising. He wants to walk so bad, so he can chase his older brother, Anderson! Just thought I'd share these photos. My Boys are So Special to me! I am sad that I couldn't make it to market. But I couldn't leave my babies:) Hope you are all having a glorious week!


Kim said...

Oh my, he's super extra cute!

barb mann said...

Love to see that Baby!! Dad & I can hardly wait to see both Anderson & Keaton next week! Wahoo!!

Krishell said...

He is gorgeous!! I love babies. Mine are getting so big! My youngest is 2.5 now, and I never pass up a chance to catch an adorable baby smile. So sweet.

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